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Resources for Victims of Public Corruption

Because corrupt public servants undermine the public’s confidence in their government, every citizen is victimized by a dishonest public servant.  It is vital that whenever members of the public become aware of public corruption, they report it promptly.  For that reason, the District Attorney’s Office has established a Public Corruption Hotline, where members of the community can report any type of public corruption or dishonesty by a public servant.  Every allegation will be taken seriously and will be investigated by a member of the Public Integrity Unit.

The Public Integrity Unit, which is a part of the District Attorney's Rackets Bureau, was formed in 2010 by D.A. Vance to coordinate and oversee the investigation and prosecution of crimes committed by public employees, elected officials, appointed officials, candidates for public office, and others who hold the public trust.  The Public Integrity Unit, which investigates and prosecutes all types of public corruption in New York County other than corruption involving police officers, is supervised and staffed by a team of experienced prosecutors.  The Unit’s cases involve crimes such as bribery and bribe receiving, larceny, false filings with government agencies, Election Law crimes, campaign finance crimes, and criminal violations of various ethics laws, such as the New York State Public Officers Law.  The Public Integrity Unit works with a variety of New York State, New York City, and federal law enforcement agencies, in addition to investigators from the D.A.’s Office.  Although the Unit receives many of its referrals from investigative agencies, such as the New York City Department of Investigation, it also relies on the public and on those within government to help combat corruption by providing information about potential abuses committed by public employees.

Any member of the public with information about a crime committed by a public servant should email the District Attorney’s Public Corruption Hotline at, or call 212-335-8987.


Q: I am a business owner and I think a City Inspector just tried to shake me down for money.  What should I do?

A: If you believe that a New York City employee is soliciting a bribe or is trying to take advantage of his or her position as a public servant, you should email the DA's Office's Public Corruption Hotline at, or call 212-335-8987.

Q: What should I do if I have information about a public employee who is committing a crime related to his or her job?

A: If you become aware of criminal conduct being committed by a public employee and it relates to that employee's job as a public servant, you should email the DA's Office's Public Corruption Hotline at, or call 212-335-8987.