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Legislative Priorities

The New York County District Attorney’s Office is committed to ensuring that prosecutors can use fair and equitable tools to address crime and uphold justice.   With this mission, District Attorney Vance supports the following legislation:

Classic Enforcement

Strengthen Identity Theft Laws

The broad range of crimes that comprise identity theft evolved rapidly over the last decade or so; the current legal framework fails to address contemporary cases of identity theft.  In order to protect New Yorkers from being doubly victimized – first from identity thieves and then from Penal Laws that don’t hold offenders accountable for their crimes  – it is imperative that legislators create a new Penal Law Article 191, which contains modernized, consistent identity theft laws.

Create the Crime of Aggravated Criminal Conduct

District Attorney Vance supports the creation of an E felony crime of Aggravated Criminal Conduct for defendants who have extensive records of eight or more A misdemeanor or felony convictions within five years.  In New York County alone, 2,098 individuals were convicted of 8 or more A misdemeanors or higher level crimes during the five years spanning from 2006 to 2010.  The judicious application of this law would show repeat offenders that the revolving door of the criminal justice system is closed.  It would also increase oversight of repeat offenders and provide motivation to access rehabilitative services.

Enact the Public Corruption Prevention and Enforcement Act (PCPEA)

District Attorney Vance supports the Public Corruption Prevention and Enforcement Act, a multi-pronged approach to combating public corruption.  PCPEA both discourages corrupt actions and holds public officials accountable for behavior that is antithetical to the basic responsibilities inherent to public service.