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Law School Semester Internship

This internship is a way for law students to gain firsthand exposure to trial and appellate litigation in the public sector. Students work closely with Assistant District Attorneys in the investigation, preparation, and prosecution of criminal cases in Manhattan. Depending on the assignment, students will help prosecutors prepare for hearings or trials of street crime cases such as larceny, domestic violence, sex crimes, narcotics, and homicides.  Students may also assist in the investigation and litigation of white-collar frauds and rackets cases, and will research and write trial or appellate briefs. We make a significant effort to match the student's interests with their assignments.

  • Time Commitment: Students will be required to work at least one full day and a half day totaling a minimum of 12-15 hours weekly throughout the course of the semester, with a minimum twelve week commitment to the internship.
  • Eligibility: Second-year and first semester third-year law students are eligible for internship placement. Students may participate in only one internship opportunity (semester or summer) at our office. United States Citizenship is not required for interns but is required for post-graduate, full-time, Assistant District Attorney positions. All interns must be legally authorized to work in the United States and will be required to submit proof of eligibility.
  • Prerequisites: Students are required to have taken criminal law and constitutional law. Students are strongly encouraged to take evidence and criminal procedure.