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News from the DA's Office

DA Vance announced the appointment of Assistant District Attorney Peirce Moser as Chief of the Tax Crimes Unit. The Unit, formerly known as the Money Laundering and Tax Crimes Unit, is tasked with executing long-term investigations and prosecutions of tax and revenue crimes, expanding cooperation with the Office’s other Bureaus and Units, and ensuring that every individual and corporation pays those taxes that are rightly owed to the city and state. 

DA Vance announced the sentencing of Walter Dandridge to 17 ½ years in state prison plus 5 years of post-release supervision, for selling 29 illegal guns to a New York City Police Department undercover detective. Dandridge pleaded guilty to Criminal Sale of Firearms in the First Degree and Conspiracy in the Fourth Degree on March 25, 2014.

A Miami pastor was convicted Tuesday of trying to cash in on counterfeit artworks that mimicked valuable pieces by British art luminary Damien Hirst.

A Manhattan jury found Kevin Sutherland guilty of attempted grand larceny. He could face up to seven years in prison at his sentencing, set for May 19. Defense lawyer Sanford "Sam" Talkin said Sutherland was disappointed in the verdict and would explore options for appealing.

DA Vance announced the trial conviction of Kevin Sutherland, for attempting to sell counterfeit artwork that he falsely claimed were by British artist Damien Hirst, including the artist’s “spin” paintings and “dot” limited edition prints worth tens of thousands of dollars. The defendant was found guilty by a jury in New York State Supreme Court of Attempted Grand Larceny in the Second Degree.

The Manhattan district attorney said over several months last year, Javon Burgess, also known as "Black," sold 26 guns to undercovers. He also made deals in a McDonald's parking lot nearby. During the time, he was already facing a gun charge in Bronx court.